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Apollo Cleaner for Solar Panels

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35 $ TTC

SKU APOLLO-5L Category
SKU APOLLO-5L Category

35 $ TTC

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The Apollo Cleaner for Solar Panels provided in Lebanon by Tech store is an alkaline-based cleaner for solar panels that removes even the heaviest and most stubborn dirt such as dust, debris and scale, restoring and maintaining the efficiency of the system over time.

Thanks to its special formula, once rinsed off, it leaves a protective film on the solar panel that slows down the development of new deposits and protects the system from corrosion.

Features of Apollo Cleaner for Solar Panels:

  • Removes dust, sand, debris, organic residues, and encrustations.
  • Creates a barrier that slows the development of new deposits and protects panels from corrosion.
  • Restores and maintains the efficiency of the system over time.
  • Safe for solar panels: it does not affect their performance.
  • it does not damage surfaces and it does not get absorbed.
  • Once rinsed, it creates a protective film on the solar panel
  • preventing the reformation of the dirt and protecting against corrosion.
  • Apollo must be sprayed directly on the solar panel without dilution.
  • Allow it to act for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

Finally, buy this Cleaner for Solar Panels is the Better way for your safety of solar panels away from damage.

So call TechStore right now and one of our knowledgeable operators can assist you with making your house a year-round beacon of light.

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