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Cleaning Brush For Solar Panel System

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300 $ TTC

SKU Cleaning Brush For Solar Panel System Category
SKU Cleaning Brush For Solar Panel System Category

300 $ TTC

Out of stock


The Cleaning Brush For Solar Panel System provided in Lebanon by Tech store should capture sunlight for as many hours as possible and withstand external influences.

These include snowstorms, rain, storms and hail as well as, depending on the location, soot, pollen, dust from road traffic, leaves, needles or bird droppings.

In agricultural areas, additional films of dirt containing grease and oil form due to particle emissions during the ventilation of poultry houses.

Why should I use Cleaning Brush for Solar Panel System?

Clean the panels regularly, not only because of their appearance. Contamination can reduce the electricity yield by up to 30 percent. Thorough, professional cleaning is necessary, and this does not only apply to the surfaces of the solar collectors. Deposits build up at the junctions between the glass and the frame, which over time can lead to the formation of moss and lichen over a wide area.

Proper cleaning of the solar panels requires the right cleaning technique due to the heavy soiling. The modules are often mounted on roofs at a steep angle of 45°, so take measures to ensure operator safety.

Product name
solar panel cleaning kit
Pole Material
Aluminum Telescopic Handle
Solar Panel Cleaning Products
Water flow through
Extend High Reach Pole
12/18/20/24/30/36 Ft
Washing Cleaning
in 24 hours
We are factory

Finally, Buying this clesaner for panels is the best way to To maintain the solar panels for many years.

So call us today at Tech Store and allow our professional operators to help you.

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