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Deye Lithium Battery 5kw Pro ESS 3U-SE-G5.1

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1600 $ TTC

SKU deye-lithium-5kw Categories ,
SKU deye-lithium-5kw Categories ,

1600 $ TTC

Out of stock


The Deye Lithium Battery 5kw Pro is one of the best Lithium batteries sold in Lebanon by TechStore.

Additionally, you can charge this Lithium battery using Solar panels. Thus have a sustainable energy supply.

First, this device can be charged using Solar energy and is great for camping trips or during power outages.

Moreover, you can use it in various places whether at home or at various businesses and even for long camping trips.

More than that, this power can be able to power more than one device like the TV, router, phone charger, radios…

Furthermore, the Lithium battery that is inside it means that it has one of the best batteries in the market.

Thus, no matter your need or destination in Lebanon this power can give you the best electric charge.

Finally, this Lithium battery offers you a Long life guarantee with more than 6000 times cycle of use.


Features of Deye Lithium Battery 5kw Pro ESS 3U-SE-G5.1 :

  •  This series lithium iron phosphate battery is one of new energystorage products developed and produced by Deye,
    it can be used to suppport reliable power forvarious types of equipment and systems.
  •  This series is especially suitable for application scene of high power, limited installation space, restricted load-bearing and long cycle lift.
  • This series has built-in BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor cells information including voltage,
    current and temperature. What’s more, BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life.
  •  Multiple batteries can connect in parallel to expand capacity and power in parallel for larger capacity
    and longer power supporting duration requirements.


Battery Chemistry

Battery Module Capacity (Ah)100
System Nominal Voltage (V)51.2
System Operating Voltage (V)43.2~57.6
Scalability (Max.in 1 battery group)Max. 64 pcs pack (327kWh) in parallel (Max. 32 pcs no external setup)
Energy (kwh)5.12
Usable Energy (kwh) [1]4.61

Charg/Discharging Current (A)

Peak (2 mins, 25℃)150
Depth of Discharge (%)90%
Dimension (W×D×H, mm)445×133×430
Weight (kgs)45
Master LED Indicator5LED (SOC: 20%~100%), 3LED(working, alarming, protecting)
IP Rating of EnclosureIP20
Working TemperatureCharge: 0~55°C/Discharge: -20~55°C
Storage Temperature0°C ~ 35°C
Cycle Life≥6000@25±2℃,0.5C/0.5C, 80%EOL
Installation Location19-inch standard cabinet, cabinet depth 600mm / with rack
Communication portCAN2.0, RS485
Warranty5 years
CertificationUL1973, IEC62619, IEC61000, CE, UN38.3


SaferCobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Safety and long lifespan, high efficiency and high-power density. Intelligent BMS, providing complete protection.
ReliableSupport high discharge power, IP65, natural cooling, wide temperature range: -20℃ to 55℃.
FlexibleModular design, easy to expand, Max.64 units in parallel, Max. capacity of 327kwh.
Suited to residential and commecial applications for increasing the self-consumption ratio.
ConvenientBattery module auto networking, Automatic IP addressing, Easy maintenance, Remotely monitoring and upgrade,

Support USB drive upgrade the firmware.

Eco-FriendlyUse environmental protection materials, the whole module non-toxic, pollution-free.


Finally, this Solar battery is the best way to have a steady supply of electricity for your home or business.

So call us today at TechStore and allow our professional operators to help you make your choice.


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