Solar Panel 545 W Canadian Mono-Crystalline

Solar Panel 545 W Canadian Mono-Crystalline

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164 $


The Solar Panel 545 W Canadian Mono-Crystalline provided in Lebanon by TechStore is the best way to have 24 hours electricity all around the year.

Moreover, you may also have power in your house 365 days a year if you install a solar panel.

Additionally, You also won’t have to be concerned if the electricity provider has problems. As a consequence, the solar panels will charge the tubular batteries, ensuring a steady supply of energy.

Also, With the solar system we supply in Lebanon, you also won’t have to worry about diesel or gasoline.

Furthermore, this solar panel will last you a long time because it is resistant to Potential-induced degradation.

Features of the Solar Panel 545 W Canadian:

Excellent efficiency

  • Canadian Solar HiKu have high module efficiency, up to 21.3%.
  • Long-term weather endurance In this range of solar panels, it is used theĀ IP68 junction box, that provides the solar panel a long-term weather endurance.
  • Extraordinary durability The Canadian Solar HiKu photovoltaic solar panels have a reinforced frame structure in anodized aluminum alloy, capable of supporting up to 5400Pa of snow load and 3600Pa of wind load.

Benefits of this Solar Panel:

  • First, you no longer need to worry about a power outage
  • Second, your home will always have electricity during the day thanks to the Solar panels
  • Next, your home will have electricity during the night because of the charged batteries
  • Besides, your electric bill will be very cheap and you might not even pay at all because this system is all you will ever need.


Finally, purchasing this Solar Panel 660W is the most cost-effective option to provide a constant supply of power to your house throughout the year.

So contact TechStore immediately and let one of our expert operators assist you in making your home a year-round beacon of light.


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