Solar Panel 650 W Canadian Mono-Crystalline

Solar Panel 650 W Canadian Mono-Crystalline

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224 $

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The Solar Panel 650 W Canadian provided in Lebanon by Techstore is the best way to have 24 hours electricity all around the year.

Moreover, you can have electricity in your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by installing a solar panel.

Additionally, you won’t have to be concerned if the electricity provider experiences problems. As a result, the solar panels will charge the tubular batteries, ensuring a steady supply of energy.

Also, With the solar system we supply in Lebanon, you won’t have to worry about diesel or gasoline.

Features of the Solar Panel 650 W Canadian:

  • Module power up to 650 W
  • Module efficiency up to 21.2 %
  • 40 °C lower hot spot temperature,
  • greatly reduce the module failure rate
  • Better shading tolerance

Benefits of this Solar Panel:

  • First, you no longer need to worry about a power outage
  • Second, your home will always have electricity during the day thanks to the Solar panels
  • Next, your home will have electricity during the night because of the charged batteries
  • Besides, your electric bill will be very cheap and you might not even pay at all because this system is all you will ever need.


Finally, purchasing this Solar Panel 650 W is the most cost-effective approach to provide a constant supply of electricity to your home throughout the year.

So call Techstore immediately and let one of our trained operators assist you in making your home a year-round beacon of light.


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