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Solar System Package With 8 Panels Bifacial

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2830 $ TTC

SKU Solar System Package With 8 Panels Bifacial Category
SKU Solar System Package With 8 Panels Bifacial Category

2830 $ TTC

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The Solar System Package With 8 Panels Bifacial sold by TechStore in Lebanon will give your home and business a constant supply of electricity during the day and night.

Moreover, this package will give you enough power to power on most of your electric devices like lights TV, and other devices that you use daily!

Additionally, when you are on the grid you will be receiving a 7-ampere output all day long. In comparison, you will get 2 Amperes when you are off the grid for around 4 hours at night.

Furthermore, the devices in this package are all chosen to give you a successful Solar energy project for your continued satisfaction.


This Solar energy Package Includes:

  • 8 x Solar Panels Welion 550 Watts Bifacial
  • 1 x Solar Inverter Welion 5500W
  • 4 x Welion Gel Battery 200ah
  • Product warranty of 12 years on the solar panels and 1 year on the battery and inverter.


Features Of  The Solar Panels Welion 550 Watts Bifacial:

  • First, you no longer need to worry about a power outage
  • Second, your home will always have electricity during the day thanks to the Solar panels
  • Next, your home will have electricity during the night because of the charged batteries
  • Besides, your electric bill will be very cheap and you might not even pay at all because this system is all you will ever need.

Solar Inverter Welion 5500W

  • Wave from pure sine wave
  • 120-500V Wide PV Input
  • Support Generator Connection
  • Lead-acid/Lithium Battery Optional
  • Working without batteries in sun day
  • Support Max 12 units Parallel
  • WIFI remote monitoring
  • PF=1.0

 Welion Gel Battery 200ah:

  • Made In Vietnam
  • Long battery life, high capacity, Superior recovery after discharge.
  • High purity raw material: ensure low self-discharge rate.
  • Silver-coated copper terminals, brass insert terminals, and lead terminals improve electric conductivity.
  • Less gassing, less self-discharging high quality.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Safety valve installation for explosion-proof.

Finally, we recommend you choose this package if you want the best of both worlds, value, and price.

So, call our professional operators and they will be very happy to help you and explain how this package will help you in the years to come.

Attention: The Price of this package does not include all Cables & Accessories, the stands, and the installation.

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