WIFI PLUG14 dongle for MUST inverters

WIFI PLUG14 dongle for MUST inverters

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35 $


The WIFI PLUG14 dongle for MUST inverters can enable wireless communication between off-grid inverters and monitoring platform.

in addition, Users have complete and remote monitoring and controlling experience for inverters when combining WiFi module with WatchPower APP.

Also, available for both iOS and Android based device. All data loggers and parameters are saved in iCloud.

Technical specifications:

Maximum current: 500 mA (5V)

Input voltage range: DC 5V ~ DC 28 V

Interface: USB-A

Remote communication: WiFi

Baud rate: 9600 bps

Data collection period: 1.5 s

Operating frequency: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz

Communication protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Maximum transfer rate: 72 Mbps

Signal range: 100 m in the area without obstruction

Parameter settings: web server / application / remote server

Firmware update: remote web server

Application layer protocol: Modbus-RTU

Connection functions: mobile app connecting monitoring, parameter configuration

Dimensions (W × H × D): 54 × 99 (109 incl. plug) × 28 mm

Weight: 40g

Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ 90 ° C

Guaranteed compatibility: MUST PV1800 series

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