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ZKTeco iFace 2000 Plus

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350 $ TTC

SKU ZKT-IFACE-2000 Category
SKU ZKT-IFACE-2000 Category

350 $ TTC

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The ZKTeco iFace 2000 Plus provided in Lebanon by TechStore for presence and access control station supports up to 1000 palm molds, 500 facial molds, 2,000 fingerprint templatesand 10,000 cards (optional).

Furth more, With ZKTeco’s latest hardware platform and ZKFace algorithm, it provides a completely new user interface and an easy-to-use operating interface to provide a seamless user experience.

Moreover, With its advanced palm and face algorithm and multi-biometric verification technology, the station’s level of security is greatly enhanced from verification.


Features of ZKTeco iFace 2000 Plus:

  • Multi-biometric verification mode: comfort/face/fingerprint.
  • High speed verification.
  • Advanced access control function.
  • Optional built-in backup battery, providing approximately 3 hours of continuous operation.
  • 1000 palms, 500 face and 2,000 fingerprint molds.
  • The new firmware framework, easy to expand functions and customize customer requirements.
  • Able to detect whether the face is the actual face or image, enhance the security level of the verification.



width    4.3-inch touch screen
Palm capacity     1000
Fingerprint capability    2,000
Face ability    500
ID card capacity   10,000 (optional) If you Ned this post, please contact us
Capacity records   120,000
Communications   Tcp/IP, USB host, Wi-Fi
Interfaces for   3rd electric lock party, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Wiegand out
Standard functions  Automatic mode key, self-service query, work code, SMS, DST, T9 entry, 9-digit user ID,   scheduled bell, image ID
Optional functions  Mivar Card, 3G, ADMS, 2000mAH Backup Battery
Power supply  12V 3A
Operating temperature   0°C-45°C
Operating humidity  20%-80%
Dimensions  193.6*165*111 m (length* width * fish)
Weight Pack  1.89 kg


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