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Circuit breaker 125A 2PH DC

10 $

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10 $

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The Circuit breaker 125A 2PH DC sold in Lebanon by TechStore is the best solar accessory that will give your solar panels the best performance.

Additionally, the fuse holder is able to work under heat that the rated current can cause, it can tolerate around 10 KA of short impacting current.

Next, you can use this fuse base as a fuse disconnecting switch by multiphase combination.

Moreover, this base fuse can provide the function of cutting power, and that will protect your devices from any possible power surges.

furthermore, this base fuse has a locking mechanism when it is disconnected and that will protect you from wrong operations.

Likewise, it has an indicator that will show to the user when the fuse line breaks.

Featues of Circuit breaker 125A 2PH DC:

  • applicable to current125A rating or below.
  • DC rated voltage 220Vand 440 volts.
  • It is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection in DC distribution system equipment
  • It can be widely used in electrical, postal, traffic, mining and various kinds of fields.

Finally, this solar accessory is great for any solar panel in Lebanon as well as for any Solar energy project. Thus you can be sure that it will allow your solar panel the best performance.

So call us today and we at TechStore will help you make the best choice for your solar energy project in Lebanon!






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