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Gdlite -3 Dual Lighting Lantern Emergency Light

20 $

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SKU Gdlite -3 Dual Lighting Lantern Emergency Light Category
SKU Gdlite -3 Dual Lighting Lantern Emergency Light Category

20 $

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The Solar Lamp Gdlite -3 Dual Lighting Lantern Emergency Light provided in Lebanon by Smart Security uses the sun’s renewable energy to light up your home and you can charge your mobile phone also. Solar Home Lighting System is compact, portable and easily mountable in an easy-to-install kit. System Kit: Solar Panels: This is 9V, 3.5 watt strong aluminum framed solar panels with 3 Meter long copper wire are solid-state semi conductor devices that convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity. Solar Home lighting system comes equipped with 3 driver based LED bulbs (2 x 3W Led Bulb and 1 x 2 W Led Bulb) Each Led bulbs comes with 5 Meter long wire, a controlling On/Off switch. They Consumes nominal power and is more luminous than a CFL. These LED Bulbs have a longer life of approximately up to 25,000 hrs. It has a Compact system with one S.M.F in-built battery and a charge controller. Mobile charging point with cable 10 in 1 pin 2.5 feet long.

Features of GDlite -3 Dual Lighting Lantern Emergency Light:

  • wide voltage range 110-240/60hz
  • using 9v/3-7w solar panel(max input less than 7w)
  • charging time 10-12hr
  • Dc 6v output (can charge up to 4 bulbs at one time)
  • handy light design for portable lighting
  • USB output function to charge the mobile phone in emergency
  • WARNING: powerful led, do not shine into the eye.

Finally, this Solar lamp will give you better security and ease of mind because it will provide you with the necessary light at night.

So call us today at TechStore to get this Solar powered light and make your surroundings more secure and clearer during the night.


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